A Salute To
The Fabulous
E. Rodney Jones

Night Fishin'

World's Greatest Disc Jockey, Vol. 1

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01 E. Rodney Jones - Introductions

02 Z.Z. Hill - It Ain't No Use

03 Bobby Patterson - Right Place Wrong Time

04 Bobby McClure - When the Flavors' Gone

05 Irma Thomas - She'll Never Be Your Wife

06 E. Rodney Jones - Hard Life Blues

07 Ruby Andrews - Loving You No. 44

08 Wilson Williams - My Woman Got a Caseworker

09 Little Oscar - I Tried

10 Ruth Brown - Brown Sugar

11 Don Hollinger - I've Been Hit by Love

12 Jimmy Reed - Hard Walkin' Hanna

13 Lightnin' Slim - Good Morning Heartaches

14 Swamp Dogg - Mama's Baby Daddy's Maybe

15 E. Rodney Jones - Saved by the Bell (Infidelity Georgia)

16 Willie Williams - My Baby Gone

17 Willie Clayton - Party Down

18 Charles Wilson - Tell Him

19 Charlie Whitehead - Between the Lines

20 Z.Z. Hill - Second Chance





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