A Salute To
The Fabulous Tyrone Davis

Tyrone Davis

"Can I Change My Mind?" If ever a song has had an impact on someone's life, truly, this one has dramatically changed the life of Tyrone Davis. A native of Greenville, Mississippi, Tyrone Davis has labored extensively to obtain the success that he rightfully deserves. In 1957, Davis headed for Chicago, where he worked as a driver and valet for blues singer, Freddie King. As a result of his job, he encountered such entertainers as Bobby Blue Bland, Little Milton, and Otis Clay. They became close friends and encouraged Tyrone to pursue his passion for singing. By the early sixties, Davis had forged a relationship with Chicago producer / songwriter Harold Burrage. It was Burrage that booked club dates for Tyrone to play after he got off work at the steel mill. As expected, the club dates were taking up more and more time, so Davis quit his job at the steel mill to pursue his musical career. The year 1968 brought Davis his signing with the Dakar label in Chicago. He put out a record entitled A Woman Needs To Be Loved. It did not fair well at all despite airplay and promotion. Tyrone Davis was distraught. He contemplated giving up the career that he so dearly loved. While he contemplated quitting, a disc jockey in Houston, Texas, decided that he would play the B-side of this record that was not receiving any feedback. The B-side was entitled Can I Change My Mind? How appropriate a title, because not only did this record receive high reviews, but Tyrone Davis changed his mind and began to release hit after hit record.

Tyrone Davis has spent over three decades of his life making hit records on the Dakar, Columbia, and now Malaco label. It was inevitable that Davis chose Malaco as his label, for his mentors have been Bobby Blue Bland, and Little Milton, who are veteran stars on the Malaco roster.

Since his early career (when fans new him as "The Wonder Boy"), his critically acclaimed, charted R & B, soul and pop hits also have included You Keep Me Holding On, I Had It All At The Time, In The Mood, Let's Be Close Together, I'll Be Right Here, Let Me Back In, Could I Forget You?, and It's So Good (To Be Home With You).


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